About Us

Locus specializes in Geomatics, Data, and Software consulting.  The company comes from a background in advanced software use, data analysis, software development, IT policy and management, especially as related to the public sector and use of its data.

Our Geomatics (Geographic Information Systems) practice brings a full range of services related to geospatial information systems and services.

Our Data practice focuses on data visualization, interpretation, quality, and management.  This includes data profiling, data cleaning, and consulting on the design and use of software tools and business processes to effectively manage an organization’s data assets.

Our Software consulting practice assists our core clients with making key technology decisions, managing IT projects and assisting IT vendors in remote locations.

Our experience comes from years in (i) academic research, (ii) analysis and use of data in public sector environments, (iii) development of solutions as part of a private sector software development team, and (iv) consulting on high-level policy and strategy issues.

Our focus is to help our clients leverage the best and most appropriate technology options, utilizing our independent network of technology professionals, and to develop an internationally respected geospatial technology infrastructure and community in Bermuda.

Locus Ltd is led by Dr. Kevin Mayall from its headquarters in Bermuda.  Locus Ltd is a Bermudian-owned and registered limited liability company, with an international network of associates in private practice, the public sector and academia.

Dr. Mayall’s bio is available here.

Did You Know...

Locus knows the international geospatial industry.

We have a daily finger on the pulse of geospatial companies, projects, products, policies, and industry developments.  Don’t waste resources trying to decipher who the players are, which products are mature, and what issues might affect your project.