Dr. Kevin Mayall

Locus Ltd’s Consulting & Geomatics practices are led by Dr. Kevin Mayall from its headquarters in Bermuda. Locus Ltd is a Bermudian-owned and registered limited liability company.

Dr. Mayall is a forward-thinking yet practical consultant with over 20 years in technology implementation. His particular insight for government implementations comes from his years working for the Government of Bermuda and its many departments. This experience ranged from one-on-one problem solving with front-line users, to project management for core department-level software systems, to his appointment to the Government’s IT Secretariat guiding enterprise-wide policy, management, budget and project review. He has also consulted on government records management and technology assessment in the Caribbean. He maintains an extensive international network of contacts from past project experiences.

Dr. Mayall has a deep background in geospatial information systems (GIS). He is knowledgeable on geospatial methods and science, spatial analytics, data collection and integration, devices, software, industry players in the international market, and the various trends within the geospatial industry. He is equally comfortable at the technical level of detail as he is with high level policy and strategy development for spatial data infrastructure.

Dr. Mayall is a guiding force for the Bermuda Government’s GIS policy and implementations and has voluntarily served the Bermuda Government’s GIS Committee for over twelve years. Dr. Mayall graduated from the University of Western Ontario and the University of Waterloo with geography, urban planning and geographic information systems (GIS) specializations. His graduate research received many Bermudian, Canadian and international awards. He received very positive student reviews in his university teaching appraisals. He is published in peer-reviewed and trade journals and has presented at international conferences. He is a founding member of the International Geospatial Society, a certified GIS Professional, and member of URISA.

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