Our Services

Geospatial Professional Services

Locus is a hub of international GIS expertise and the foremost GIS experts in Bermuda.

  • GIS project delivery – design, manage and implement a successful geospatial information system
  • GIS solution development – use off the shelf or custom-built solutions to your best advantage
  • GIS data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation – acquire imagery and data, provide services to analyze and interpret
  • GIS training and support – friendly and effective explanations customized to be relevant for your data and business functions
  • Strategy and policy development – forward thinking and realistic proposals for strategically building your spatial data infrastructure

Data Services

Locus specializes in helping you to maintain and leverage your data holdings

  • Data quality assessments – determine the gaps and inconsistencies in the data upon which your organization relies
  • Data process improvement – determine creative ways to improve your data maintenance
  • Analytics and visualizations – gain insight from the data you already own through meaningful presentations
  • Strategic data integration – integrate with data from outside your organization to create new value

Technology Consulting and Services

Locus provides insights from the minute details at the usage level to the implications of policies at the enterprise level

  • Project planning – plan for the unforeseen but commonly experienced snafus of IT projects
  • Project management – maintain a successful project balance between owners and vendors
  • Vendor selection/management – find and assist overseas vendors implement successful projects
  • Business process alignment – reflect IT changes in your business process environment
  • Roadmap creation – define a strategy for growing your IT resources strategically, from policy to implementation; particular emphasis for e-government

Did You Know...

Locus knows the international geospatial industry.

We have a daily finger on the pulse of geospatial companies, projects, products, policies, and industry developments.  Don’t waste resources trying to decipher who the players are, which products are mature, and what issues might affect your project.