Past Clients

We believe that a diversity of client experiences leads to more insightful observations on best practices.  Our client experiences include the following areas:

  • Urban Planning, Land Valuation, Law Enforcement, Elections, Census, Real Estate, Conservation, Water Utility, Land Surveys, Land Registration, Communications, IT Policy Groups, IT Departments, Local Government, Regional Government.

Past Work

The following represents the nature of our previous project experiences:

  • Business analysis, software design, and project management for central case management systems
  • Geospatial analysis for amending district boundaries, identifying crime clusters, assessing zoning schemes for impact to land resources, coastal erosion assessments, building height scenarios, visibility analysis, and design of multi-purpose address data resources.
  • Data collection, analysis, reporting and visualization, including data profiling and cleaning  related to property or address data, geocoding, satellite imagery acquisition, insightful report design.
  • Design and delivery of software training, particularly GIS
  • Review of business practices related to information management, and devising of strategy for next technology investments.  Particular experience with spatial data infrastructures.
  • Strategic reviews for government IT including new technology assessments, budget review, RFP and project proposal reviews, and e-government and open data policy development.